About Us

Started in 2005 by Jason Bourque, Common Grounds was purchased by Jooil and MJ Lee in July of 2013. Independently owned and supplied by Crimson Cup, Common Grounds is a fantastic local spot where you can help support your community.

Our supplier, Crimson Cup, is dedicated to building relationships with coffee and tea growers around the world in order to obtain great products at fair prices. A large portion of their coffees and teas, and subsequently our coffees and teas, are organic as well as fair trade. For more information about Crimson Cup, visit their website at www.crimsoncup.com.

Bustling in the mornings with professionals heading off to their workday, Common Grounds is filled in the evenings with studious collegiates. Our shop is a perfect place for group projects, quiet study time, or meetings with colleagues or friends. Looking for a great date spot? We have the perfect atmosphere and the right drink for everyone. Sure, we supply the fuel that a lot of people start their day and finish their nights with, but you can do more than that here--come on in and live life with us.

Common Grounds Coffee House Address: 600 E Grand Ave #6, Carbondale, Illinois 62901 Phone:(618) 549-4180